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Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Fibromuscular dysplasia with the formation of multiple aneurysmsand stenosis of the left renal artery

Authors: V.S. Arakelyan, N.A. Gidaspov, P.P. Kulichkov, A.V. Dorofeev, G.G. Getsadze

Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Rublevskoe shosse, 135, Moscow, 121552, Russian Federation

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Link: Clinical Physiology of Blood Circulaiton. 2018; 15 (3): 215-221

Quote as: Arakelyan V.S., Gidaspov N.A., Kulichkov P.P., Dorofeev A.V., Getsadze G.G. Fibromuscular dysplasia with the formation of multiple aneurysms and stenosis of the left renal artery. Clinical Physiology of Circulation. 2018; 15 (3): 215–21 (in Russ.). DOI: 10.24022/1814-6910-2018-15-3-215-221

Received / Accepted:  29.03.2018/30.03.2018

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Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) – a rare disease of the cardiovascular system non-aterosclerotic, non-inflammatory nature, which mainly affects the extracranial parts of the brachiocephalic arteries and renal arteries (also described cases of lesions of the coronary, visceral, iliac arteries). According to the literature, fibromuscular dysplasia is about 10% of the causes of renal artery stenosis. Another pathological scenario of FMD are of the aneurysm. We describe the case of a successful open surgical treatment of a patient with fibromuscular renal artery dysplasia with a rare anatomical variant of the lesion – proximal tubular stenosis, elongation, tortuosity and the formation of multiple aneurysms of the left renal artery.


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About Authors

  • Arakelyan Valeriy Sergeevich, Dr. Med. Sc., Professor, Head of Department of Surgery of Arterial Pathology;
  • Gidaspov Nikita Andreevich, Cand. Med. Sc., Researcher;
  • Kulichkov Pavel Pavlovich, Postgraduate;Х
  • Dorofeev Aleksey Vladimirovich, Cand. Med. Sc., Head of X-ray Diagnostics Department;
  • Getsadze Gela Guramovich, Radiologist;

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