Clinical Physiology of Circulation

Chief Editor

Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Clinical Physiology of Circulation. 2008, №1

Approach to rhythm analysis in cardiology
Bockeria L. A., Kuzmin V. I., Kluchnikov I. V., Gadzaov A. F.

Transcatheterannuloplasty of mitral valve. Questioned condition
Guseinov E. A., Martirosyan B. R., Asadov D. A., Shengul H. M., Chigogidze N. A.

Results of warm heart myocardial revascularization operations and coronary bypass grafting with artificial circulation in patients with myocardial infarction
Bockeria L. A., Merzlyakov V. Yu., Kluchnikov I. V., Skopin A. I., Arushanyan A. R., Saidhodzhaev S. S.

Relevance of sympathoadrenal system functionalactivity and adrenal cortex in children withdifferent initial vegetative tonus in cardiovascularsystem
Sitdikov F. G., Shaihelislamova M. V., Sitdikova A. A.

Psychological component in patientsintolerant to physical activity with chronic heartfailure
Kutuzova A. E.

Assessment oftemperature conditions of artificial circulationduring operations for Fallot's tetrad radical correction
Erstekis A. G., Babadzhanov K. B., Mustaev M. H., Nigmatov Sh. K., Khaidarov A. E.

Pharmacological correctionof endothelial dysfunction and disturbance ofstructured organization of thrombocyte membranesin ischemic heart disease
Bockeria L. A., Malikov V. E., Arzumanyan M. A., Rogava M. A., Bochorishvili T. M., Gongadze N. V., Kezeli T. D., Sukoyan G. V.

Calculation of diastolic exertion inaortic root elements with the help of specifiedLaplace's law
Bockeria L. A., Skopin I. I., Sazonenkov M. A., Tumaev E. N.

Mathematical modelof ischemic heart disease development in womenunder 65
Izmozherova N. V., Popov A. A.

Study of arterial pressure homeostasison mathematical model oriented on cardiovascularsurgery
Lischuk V. A.

Methods of autoblood economy during open heartsurgeries
Averina T. B., Andreeva E. A., Kiseleva E. A.

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