Clinical Physiology of Circulation

Chief Editor

Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Clinical Physiology of Circulation. 2008, №2

The conception of cardiovascularsystem regulation: from functions managementto opportunities coordination. Part 1.Physiological background
Bockeria L. A., Lischuk V. A.

Functional anatomy, biomechanics and aortic valvehemodynamics. Different types of aortal valve prostheses
Britikov D. V., Sachkov A. S., Muratov R. M.

Left ventricle remodelling and its clinicalsignificance in patients with sinus rhythm and atrialfibrillation after mitral valve replacement. Contemporarystate of the problem
Bockeria L. A., Bockeria O. L., Mota O. R., Ivleva O. V.

Dosed hypoxia for follow-up care of patients with chronic heart failure
Kudaev M. T., Alieva S. B.

Evaluation ofbrain function using somatosensory generatedpotentials examination during surgical treatment ofpatients with asymptomatic and symptomaticchronic cerebrovascular insufficiency associatedwith brachiocephalic arteries atherosclerosis
Lysichenkova O. V., Kravtsov Yu. I.

Cardiopulmonary dysfunction inyoung patients during adaptation to smoking
Gnoevykh V. V.

Endotheliumfunctional condition in patients withischemic heart disease associated with coronarystenting depending on implanted stent type
Buziashvili Yu. I., Ioshina V. I., Tsereteli N. V., Matskeplishvili S. T., Samsonova N. N., Klimovich L. G., Plysch M. G., Fokina N. S., Lobzhanidze T. G., Alpenidze V. A., Akhmedyarova L. B.

Genetic risk factors forthrombophilias
Bockeria L. A., Bockeria O. L., Samsonova N. N., Lyadov K. V., Lemaeva I. V.

Stress in mitral valve leaflets and bioprosthesisin mitral position. Influence of fibrousring on leaflet stress
Bockeria L. A., Skopin I. I., Sazonenkov M. A., Tumaev E. N.

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